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Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, The Lighthouse of Houston’s Vision Rehabilitation Clinic provides the most comprehensive low vision services in the Houston metropolitan area. Services include on-site clinical evaluations, professional rehabilitation services and the latest in adaptive visual aids to help individuals maximize the vision they have in order to participate in everyday activities.

Contact: 713-284-8402

Diabetes Education and Self-Management Services

This program provides full service education and training to blind and low vision adults with diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Adaptive training techniques and equipment are used to overcome barriers to successful, independent self-management of diabetes.

Individual and group training are available.  A free Diabetes Support Group meets monthly on the first Tuesday from 11:00 to 12:00 and is open to the public.

Funding sources include Medicare, Private Insurance, and Self Pay.

Contact:  713-284-8448

American Diabetes Association

Behavioral Health Services

The Lighthouse of Houston’s Center for Behavioral Health Services works to help those with challenges dealing with vision loss such as anxiety, fear, anger, depression, grief and even denial. The center provides quality mental health services for individuals living with visual impairment or blindness. At the center, an interdisciplinary team of licensed clinicians work with clients and their families to help them deal with a variety of issues that affect their ability to regain their independence and productivity. The center offers individual and group counseling to benefit anyone in the community dealing with vision loss.


The Lighthouse of Houston has behavioral health support groups every Friday from 10-11:30 (except during months that have a 5th Friday)! These groups are open to anyone with blindness or vision loss and their families/caregivers. Below is a listing and description of all of our support groups:

1st Friday: “Let’s Talk About It” – It is sometimes good for people to be able to come to a group and just TALK. Not necessarily about mental illness or blindness, but about anything we feel like talking about. The upcoming sports event, a book we’ve read recently, a news headline, or WHATEVER the group wants to discuss. If there are no ideas of topics, the facilitator of the group will have some fun interactive questions to keep conversations going!

2nd Friday: “Monthly Support Group” – This group is our formerly only group led by one of our licensed staff members. Each month we will cover a topic dealing with some aspect of mental health, and we will relate the topic specifically to people with blindness and/or vision loss.

3rd Friday: “CONNECT!” New Name, New Group!  Come connect with friends, other visually impaired folks to share resources and have some fun!

4th Friday: “Adjusting to Your Blindness” – Adjusting to your blindness may happen as you first lose sight, or perhaps after many years of being blind; it is an ongoing process. We discuss the steps involved in coming to a place of acceptance so that you can begin to move forward in your life after your vision decreases or is lost.

If there are any questions, please contact Melinda B. Benjumea, LPC, Director of Behavioral Health Services at 713-284-8440.