Education Programs

Office Skills Training

This course focuses on basic office skills and adaptive techniques for performing standard office tasks. Training includes Keyboarding, Office Equipment, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Windows 7(with or without adaptive software), VISTA (with or without adaptive software), and Introduction to Word, Basic Office Math, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary Building. Upon completion of this course, more specialized training programs are available in telecommunications, customer service or medical transcription.

Length: 6 months for students who already have keyboarding skills; 8 months for students who have no keyboarding skills. Classes start the first Monday of each month.

Customer Service

This course is designed to prepare a student with the basic office experience or training needed to perform the job duties of a customer service representative. Training includes Intermediate Keyboarding, Introduction and Intermediate Use of Databases, Customer Service Techniques, and Communication Methods.

Length: 14 weeks


This course is designed to prepare a student with the basic office experience or training needed to perform the job duties of a switchboard operator or receptionist. Training includes Intermediate Keyboarding, Intermediate Windows (with or without adaptive software), Basic Telephone System Terminology, Customer Services, Phone Etiquette, and Basic Switchboard Operation.

Length: 14 weeks

Medical Transcription Training

The Lighthouse has been training medical transcriptionists since 1973. A minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute and post-high school level spelling and grammar are required to begin the program. Training includes Advanced Medical Keyboarding, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Diseases, Introduction to Laboratory, Pharmacology, and Medical Ethical Issues.

Length: 18 months.

Distance Medical Transcription Training: In 2006, after many years of successfully training medical transcriptionists at its Houston campus, the Lighthouse began medical transcription training on the Internet.

Length: 18 months.

Distance Learning Informational Packet

Vocational Programs

Vocational Adjustment/ Social Adjustment: This specialized training is structured classes which will address the issues that will maximize a client’s job retention potential. This includes communicating, listening, engaging in dialog, giving feedback, cooperating as a team member, solving problems, contributing to meetings and resolving conflicts.

Length: 1 week

Job Readiness: This course is designed for those individuals who are self-motivated, and are capable of advocating for themselves in the economy highly competitive job market. This entails resumes’ and cover letters, applications, interview techniques, network development and job search.

Length: 2 weeks

Computer and Technology training is available through The Lighthouse of Houston’s Computer Learning Center and the Technology Training Unit. Both facilities are located in the Center for Education and Adaptive Technology and provide access to the latest in adaptive equipment developed specifically for people with visual impairments. To schedule an appointment for a technology evaluation, training or consultation, please call 713-284-8446.

Computer Learning Center: Self-Guided Computer Training – is designed to provide the adaptive technology and materials necessary to master various software programs in a self-paced lab environment for high-functioning, self-motivated students. This program provides the equipment and instructional material on audio software for the following training: Introduction to Personal Computing, Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, JAWS for Windows, JAWS for Word, JAWS for Excel, and screen magnification. Group Instruction in using the Internet, emailing and specific computer programs such as Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 is also available.

Technology Training Unit: Adaptive Technology Evaluations – Adaptive Technology Evaluations consist of one-on-one assessments of adaptive technology with an experienced instructor. These evaluations are required by state agencies prior to state purchase. They are also a perfect way for individuals to test out adaptive hardware and software devices before they buy them. The Lighthouse provides evaluations on CCTVs, portable CCTVs, screen reading software, OCR scanning technology, screen magnification software, voice recognition software, QWERTY note takers, Braille note takers, and displays and printers.

Adaptive Technology Training: Adaptive Technology Training is designed to provide one-on-one instruction in adaptive technology equipment and application software, including Internet and E-mail instruction. This instruction can take place at the Lighthouse or off-site in the home or at work. Appointments are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekend appointments can be made by special request