Our Mission

Braille Wall

Established in 1939, The Lighthouse of Houston is a private, nonprofit education and service center dedicated to assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently. The Lighthouse serves approximately 7, 000 people each year and is a member agency of the United Way of Greater Houston. The primary goal of the Lighthouse of Houston is direct service to the individual. This includes not only providing direct service, but a continual commitment to improving the quality and relevance of this service. All other organizational activities and functions are in support of this primary focus and have as their goal the development and dissemination of better service designs and interventions in order to enhance the optimal functioning of the individual.

The Lighthouse receives financial support from a variety of sources including the Lighthouse Foundation, United Way allocations, government service contracts, contributions, industrial product sales and fees for services. A board of directors provides organizational oversight, while an appointed president and CEO leads a management team.

What We Do

The Lighthouse of Houston offers a wide variety of educational programs, community services and outpatient rehabilitation for the blind and visually impaired.

The Center for Education & Adaptive Technology and the Community Services Center are located at 3602 W Dallas. These centers are the main site for Lighthouse programs and services. This main location serves as a central campus uniting Lighthouse programs, services and administrative functions, providing easy access to all of our resources and educational and training programs.

The Lighthouse also provides Residential Services at its Living Centers.